Certified Optician & 1-Hour Eyewear Service in Vernon

When you purchase new eyewear at Lensmakers Optical, you will also receive a free sight test! Without purchase, this service is also available for a small fee. We have performed thousands of accurate sight tests with excellent results! If you do happen to have an issue with your new lenses, we’ll fix it and make the necessary adjustments to your prescription at no cost to you.

Trained and Licensed Optician On-Site

Sight testing is performed by trained, licensed opticians certified in Auto Refraction and governed by the College of Opticians of BC and the BC Laws Public Health Act. If you’re between 19 and 64 with no existing health conditions that could affect your eyes, or if you have a note from your family physician, you qualify for sight testing at our facility.

New technology makes it easier than ever to have your vision tested in between your regular eye health exams. Our optician uses a highly sophisticated computerized system to check your vision and provide you with corrective lenses in a timely and affordable manner.

Convenient and safe, our optician uses an automated system to determine your eyewear needs. You can have your vision tested and your glasses made, all without leaving our office.

You shouldn’t have to pay for a complete eye health examination in order to have the power of your lenses refreshed. A vision test can be safely performed apart from an eye health examination.

Free vision tests are not for everyone. If you are under 19, over 65, or have specific health problems or risks, this service is not for you.

A vision test is not an eye health exam. Certain groups of people are more at risk for eye disease than others and a vision test cannot diagnose or monitor these issues. If you need further information about eye health exams, consult your physician.

Speedy One-Hour Service, Responsible After-Sales Service

Whenever possible, we offer one-hour service while-you-wait because we feature an on-site lab for your convenience. If you accidentally step on your new glasses purchased from us, we will provide you with a one-time free replacement! Each frame has 3 parts and we warranty each part once.

We will also replace worn-out nose pads at no cost for the life of the glasses, and we have an ultrasonic frame cleaner to remove all of the grit that collects between the cracks. We can also tighten screws at no cost and provide minor adjustments, readjustments and replacement parts, when available.

Plus, on top of the free bottle of eyeglass cleaner given with every sale, we’ll also re-fill that bottle at no cost for as long as you remain our valued client.

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